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What is the size of Nauti Steps?
How Much weight can Nauti Steps Handle?
Is Nauti Steps Available in any other colors?
Is Nauti Steps Available in stores?
Nauti Steps Measure 26 x 21 x 15
Nauti Steps Have been tested to withstand 250 pounds.  The STEP weighs 7 pounds
Nauti Steps is only available in gray at this time, but will be expanding colors in the future

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Nauti Steps Will be sold in select boat dealerships Across minnesota
To Use:
Nauti steps are intended for outdoor use.  Make sure the legs of the step are secure in the ground and the steps are level.  fill the basin with water.  Step into the basin to wash feet.  empty and refill basin as needed.
Nauti steps is not liable for breakage, tipping, slips, or falls.  Do not exceed 250 pounds.  Use at your own risk.